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1. Prepare an episode of The Odyssey to present, using any edia form (video/song/art/web tool...) that you connect with. This could be a direct representation of Homer's Odyssey, or an interpretation of it.

- then -

2. Write an written explanation of what it is you presenting:
Why did you choose this (video/song/art/web tool...)
What similarities / differences does it contain to The Odyssey?
200 words.

DUE: Friday, November 20
My representation of Homer's Odyssey is a hip-hop song by childishHatchjr which is a quick cover of everything that happened in the Odyssey, but is a mix of the some events story. This is demonstrated through electronic effects, and also by rapping about the Odyssey. I rap about his obstacles, adventures, and challenges as if it were being told from Odysseus' own perspective, expressing the hero's challenges through melody, dynamics, a range of two octaves, and courage expressed in the song. I decided to create my hip-hop composition because I love hip-hop, making hip-hop, contributing to the genre, and promoting education. This project has a connection with Odysseus' journeys because I rap "blinding the ugly cyclops," showing hatred and violence towards Cyclops, as he is ugly, and Odysseus' men blinded him because he was an absolute monster and ate two men. This also demonstrates Odysseus' success as a leader, as the point of the hip-hop classic was to prove that anybody in life, such as Odysseus, can succeed in life or accomplish whatever they wish. This demonstrates success in Odysseus because Odysseus had to get past the Cyclops, and to at least come out alive. Surely, Odysseus left the island of the Cyclopees uninjured, saying his name, which created a path full of challenges. Fortunately, Odysseus overcame these challenges with his bravery, confidence, and courage. I also rap "in the end I came home to my son Telemachus and my wife Penelope," showing how even if you are stranded at sea for over ten years, if you believe you can face whatever stands in a hero such as Odysseus' path, you can an experience good results, in return for your hard life.

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