For Independent Reading Assignment # 2, students should choose a NON-FICTION book of their interest. This should be a book at grade reading level/challenging.

*This book choice must be posted to our GOOGLE CLASSROOM on:
Friday, December 1


Literary Analysis:
To be done in class!!!!!!!!
1. Provide a brief synopsis of the novel you just completed. (10 points)
2. Identify at least 3 literary elements and explain how they are used in your novel. Support each of these examples with textual evidence from the novel. (30 points)
3. Identify a CENTRAL IDEA in your novel and explain how it is illustrated using textual evidence. (20 points)

To be done at home and shared by 03.28.18
4. Presentation: You will create a "book trailer" using the program, Animoto.
*You will be provided a class code to register an account for this program and a tutorial on how to use it in class. (30 points)

*The following assignment is based upon the approved novel of your choice.

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